Exemplary Project

Spranger_Susan_9091_256744273.jpgSusan Spranger ~ Exemplary Project Coordinator ~ susan.spranger@apsva.us

Henry’s Helping Hands Creating Community Connections through Service Learning

Patrick Henry Elementary School’s focus is more than just community service. We teach our students the importance of good citizenship by making real-world connections through projects which are directly linked to the curriculum. This is Service Learning. Students begin to see the importance of their roles in the community because they have been given a choice in how they wish to “make a difference” because of what they learned Each grade level’s service project is based upon on the grade level gifted theme. For example, the county-wide gifted theme for 4th grade is exploration. In 4th grade, we “explore” our School Yard Habitat and incorporate reading, writing, math and science into this theme, satisfying curriculum goals and our school focus of service.

You can see what is happening at each grade level, by visiting each link on the Exemplary Project page. There are many wonderful pictures, documenting what is happening from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Please feel free to contact Susan Spranger with any questions or comments…susan.spranger@apsva.us